Deadline for all entries is August 31st, 2013 - there is only the one deadline and it's final. All entries are submitted and completed online.  If it  is impossible to submit your work online, please contact Global Best Awards at for an emailed form and instructions for other options.

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Eligibility for the 2013 competition requires that entries (except those under the Experimental categories) have been published or aired, with the knowledge and approval of the client/advertiser, between February 1, 2012 and July 01, 2013.  Winners must show proof of media buys if requested. Any spec or scam ads (ads created only for submitting in competition and not commissioned by and published for a client)will be disqualified and fees forfeited.

NOTE: GBA has a special categories section, Experimental that allows free, unrestricted works to be submitted.There are two selections under that category, Best Innovative/Experimental and Wild Card that have no publishing restrictions.


Student submissions have no publication restrictions, but should be created within the 2012-2013 school years at any time right up until the Augus31st, 2013 deadline.


Note: All Entrants must be 18 years old or older. Student Competition


Entries and materials submitted may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or reproduced for purposes as Global Best Awards deems appropriate. Entrants agree upon registration to hold Global Best Awards and any of its affiliated companies exempt from any costs or expenses of any claim arising out of any such use.



Single entry for most categories is USD $100 per submission.

Campaign submission is $150 per campaign.

Student submissions are $20 per submission   Student Competition

  • The same entry may be submitted to multiple categories - each additional submission will be viewed as and charged as a unique entry.
  • There are no additional fees for multiple uploads in campaign categories. Submission allows unlimited uploads, but use common sense. Too much media may bore the judges and negatively influence your score.


The online registration and submission
(preferable) process requires checkout/payment as a final step in the submission process. Payment is immediate and will automatically finalize your submission.

Note: Entries submitted physically offline will require an additional $150 USD surcharge for manual digitizing, uploading and processing. You may contact Global Best Awards at for an emailed form and instructions.

Any questions may be directed to



Non English entries must provide any entry description and as an English translation. Descriptions are limited to 1600 characters. Entrants may also upload PDF files which the judges may review along with the other media.

TV/Cinema and video entries should include English translation as subtitles and should be clearly legible. Websites should provide pertinent text and menu items in English version.



Shortlist will be announced Mid-September, 2013. Winners will be announced November, 2013 at an award event. The venue and exact event dates will be announced.

All winners will be published on the Global Best Digital Advertising Awards website, blog, social media pages. Press releases will be sent to international wire services and to the trades.


Credits listed with each entry will be the EXACT CREDITS that will be listed on trophies, certificates, on the website or any other venue where the winning works are shown or published. Please make sure they are accurate.

Trophies and certificates awarded at the awards events will list the first four names/job titles listed in the entry credits. Industry standard job titles are requested.

On the website and other publication of winners, as many credits will be listed as possible at Global Best Awards' discretion from the top four to a complete list.

Duplicate trophies and certificates may be ordered to include any names and job titles listed in the credits from 1-4 on trophies to up to 16 on certificates. Names MUST be listed in the original credits as entered and submitted to the competition or accompanied by a notarized letter from the lead entrant.





The Global Best Digital Advertising Awards Student Competition, 2013 is open for submissions right up until the deadline of August 31st, 2013.

Steps to Enter:

  1. Registration:  Students register normally through the same registration process as professional entries. Where the form asks for Company, put the name of your school. In the pull down menu for Company Type, select school.

  2. Submitting:  Once you are registered and sign in you will be able to submit your work. At top of the Submissions form is a pulldown menu for Categories, select Student Category.

    Note:  You may only submit to Student Category (or you will be charged the full professional submission fees).

    Note:  Teams must be registered in the name of one lead individual. The other members of the team shall be listed in the credits.

    The Student competition, just like the professional one, is a digital competition. Challenges must make digital production, presentation and delivery the priority.

  3. More on Submission:  When adding your submission please make sure your description is well thought out. This will be an important element in the judge's decision. Don't make it too long, but make it clear what your objectives are.

    The upload tools are easy to use. Although you may upload as many videos or images as you like, remember the judge can only spend a certain amount of time on your entry and will lose patience if it seems you are abusing his time. Try to limit your presentation to one 30-60 second video, and no more than 6 images, and one PDF. The best work speaks for itself with quality not quantity.

  4. Fees: ....Student categories are all $20 per submission. Once you have submitted your work, you must click NEXT and checkout.  The fee may be payed by PayPal or credit card ( debit or bank cards with master card or Visa logos are processed as a credit card ) and the transaction must be completed for the submission to be finalized, making payment which will automatically finalize you submission. You may not edit your submission any further once finalized. You may submit additional entries which will be charged as unique submissions.

    Discounts may apply to some students check with your school to see if they subsidize the submission fee or if we have a discount agreement and code. If not and they would be interested in doing so, please have the administration contact GBA for more information. 

Rules for Students:


  • Students must be 18 years old and enrolled as a student in the school submitted in registration.

  • Students must follow all rules, terms of service , and professional practices as expected of any professional entrant including respect of copyright, licensing and intellectual property rights. Don't use music or images in you work unless you have rights to do so and credit must be given in supporting documentation.






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